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MAR 16/2009 - Due to no demand whatsoever, I've been continuing work on another short Carstairs film. (I Actually started in the spring of last year and stopped when I had an opportunity to work on  "By the Rapids")

This time Carstairs was storyboarded with Toon Boom Storyboard Pro and animated with Toon Boom Digital Pro software. Much of it has been completed, but it won't be seen for some time. There might be a trailer in the near future.

Meanwhile, the original Carstairs film can be seen here.

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 About Carstairs

After redesigning the Website using Adobe's Flash, I was eager to do a short film in the same medium, as a warm-up to doing more ambitious projects.

Having enjoyed watching many exotic B Movies I find that’s where much of my inspiration comes from. Carstairs and Wilkins are characters I had developed a while ago and I thought they would be perfect for this project. The characters were designed and animated in traditional pencil, applying all the usual production steps. They were then scanned and imported into Flash.

I used a drawing tablet with Flash to trace and finish the drawings, but as I progressed, I found I was able to create many elements directly within the program.

Flash has many amazing features and powerful tools as well as some unexpected pitfalls to work around, as it is mostly designed for Website development. Another advantage is that it outputs a very small file size, which is very beneficial for fast downloads from the Internet.

After recording multiple takes of the dialogue lines in different voices, a story structure appeared in my mind and I completed a storyboard, which I followed very closely, embellishing the visuals further at every stage.

During the production “Carstairs”, many other story lines sprang to mind, so who knows? A sequel could be in the cards…

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