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Screening Room



DIRECTION - TV Series & Commercials

My experience so far has been in the area of Animated TV Commercials and Animated TV Series for children. It has been a great opportunity to explore diverse graphic styles and storylines. The greatest challenge is to develop interesting characters and bring them to life on the screen.

Making films is a collaborative process and every team member and department adds something to the final product. Having a good story to tell is crucial, and no amount of technique can disguise a poorly conceived concept. A good director takes a story and fills in the gaps that non-visual writers overlook. Often a script will need extensive modification to translate to the screen with greater clarity.

I enjoy exotic stories from all genres. It's fun to explore different ways to make a scene more spontaneous or true to life.

I've had the good fortune to work with some talented people on many a challenging project. I'm always looking forward to new opportunities to grow.

Recent TV Series: Monster By Mistake I & II, Committed, Rescue Heroes II & III

In the first season of MBM, I directed the following titles:

Fossel Remains   A Special Talent   Entertaining Orville   Back in Time

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Recent TV Series: Aurthur, Little Lulu, Paddington Bear

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TIMING - TV Series

In Animation, the dialogue is recorded first and broken down phonetically onto exposure sheets. Timing Directors listen to the soundtrack as they analyze the storyboard and using notation and symbols will define the performance of every character in a series of timelines with frame specific detail.

Recent TV Series: Di-Gata Defenders, Little Lulu, Redwall, Timothy

ANIMATION - TV Commercials

TV commercials are a great way to focus on doing short pieces of animation with a great attention to detail. Some examples can be found in the Screening Room.

Examples: Shreddies, Midas Mufflers, Smarties etc.


Early in my career, I animated on several shows like Scooby-Doo for Hanna-Barbera before moving on to commercials. In 1989,  I worked on Warner Brothers "Tiny Toons" for a few months.

In the last part of 2008, I animated scenes for the TV series, "By The Rapids" produced by  APTN, using Toon Boom Digital Pro software.

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