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Screening Room

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TV commercials are a great way to focus on doing short pieces of animation with a great attention to detail. Some examples can be found in the Screening Room.

There you will find an Animation Montage of clips of animation that I have done in my career, some of them for other directors. They were produced at Film Graphics Pty. Ltd., RKA Pty. Ltd, and The Animation House Ltd.

Thanks to Dana Lee for helping me edit the Montage, and Nightingale Music Productions for the soundtrack.


              Animation Montage               New Zealand Post :30 TVC       

 (Realplayer file - 6148KB)                     (Realplayer file - 1369KB)

NZ Post is a commercial I directed and animated when I was a partner at RKA Pty Ltd. (Rasmussen & Kratovil Animation) in Sydney, Australia. I also directed the live-action footage and designed the character & stamp.

Flash Animation - Adobe's Flash software is a "studio in a box" and allows animators to produce amazing 2D animation in a wide variety of styles. You may have already seen the Usherette on the way in. "Carstairs" is another example.

Because Flash uses vectors, playback is instantaneous on most new computers.

I like the way the lines never look pixelated, no matter how far you zoom in. Check out the Main Menu on the Flash site for more examples.

Toon Boom Software - Many studios are now using Toon Boom Studio, Animate, and Digital Pro in the same way that Flash is used. The tools are very suimilar, but the programs are designed for video and the interface is easier for traditional animators to understand. 

I have been using Toon Boom Digital Pro since the spring of  2008 when I undertook a new Carstairs project. (Storyboarded with Toon Boom Storyboard Pro) It was a good warm-up for animating scenes for the first season of  "By the Rapids" produced by APTN.

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